Discover the best practices to adopt when receiving your new siding to ensure its performance

February 11, 2020

Good siding installation practices begin with proper reception and storage. See how!

The very first step when receiving your siding is to make sure the delivered product and quantities match your order. If not, contact the supplier immediately.

The next step is to properly store thesiding until it can be installed. Remember that optimal storage conditions arethe best way to preserve the siding’s stability and integrity.

Recommended conditions for storing siding:

  • Keep siding in adry, well-ventilated and unheated area.
  • Place siding on aflat and dry surface.
  • Ensure the pallet of siding is at least 6 inches (15 cm) off the ground. Never store siding so that it’s in direct contact with the ground.
  • Pile the siding in a sloped stack so that any moisture can drain off the top.
  • Keep the plastic film between the boards.

Keep unused siding covered at all times, even during installation – either with the original packaging if it is in good condition or with a waterproof tarp.

Siding should be installed within 10weeks of delivery. If it can’t be installed within this time, store it a dry, well ventilated and unheated area away from weather and direct sunlight.

Always storetouch-up stain at room temperature (max 38°C / 100°F)

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