Designer Talk: Farmhouse Style

August 25, 2022

Learn more about the popular Farmhouse style in this interview with Sarah-Ève Cossette, the designer behind 3D Exterior Design.

Love the look of board and batten vertical siding?Board and battenYou and just about everyone else – thanks in large part to the recent resurgence of the farmhouse style. Farmhouse.

Wood has long been the top choice for exterior cladding and these days, it’s the clear go-to for most modern farmhouse new-build or renovation projects.


Maibec board and batten siding (sometimes called “plank and batten”) is made of 10" wide planks combined with a 2" wide batten.

The siding has a textured finish and is installed with nails (the “regular fastening system” in Maibec-speak).

Like all other Maibec genuine wood siding profiles, its Board and batten comes in a wide range of colours: 12 Natural tones, huge selection of solid colours from its solid color chart and limitless choice of custom colours of your choice.

Maibec uses fir and spruce for its genuine wood siding. These species are known for being durable, impact resistant and renewable.


Sarah-Eve: What are the advantages for choosing MAIBEC board and batten siding? Board and batten ?
MAIBEC: By far the biggest advantage is the recognized quality of Maibec genuine wood siding. Our siding is made of real wood and manufactured according to the highest standards for performance and appearance. Our siding has become a timeless and current classic that enhances any architectural styles. Second, Maibec products are available through a large network of retailers across Canada. And if you order our board and batten siding in Maibec White through our Maibec Express, you can get a quick 10-day delivery from your retailer.

Sarah-Eve: What are the advantages of choosing MAIBEC board and batten in genuine wood vs. another type of material?
MAIBEC: Maibec genuine wood siding will add an organic warmth and beauty to your home for many years to come, whether you use it all on its own or pair it with our genuine wood trim or shingles. Another reason to choose real wood over another type of siding material is that wood siding lets you have whatever colour you want. It could be one of the time-tested colours from our solid colour chart, one of our high-demand Natural tones, or your own custom colour. Just tell us the solid colour you want and we can make an exact match with our TrueMatchsystem.

Sarah-Eve: MAIBEC has decades of expertise in siding. Do you think Board and batten and Farmhouse styles are here to stay?

MAIBEC: MAIBEC has been selling Board and batten siding for years. Demand for this profile may fluctuate a little from one year to the next, but it has always been a timeless classic. It’s more the “accessories” of a home that tend to follow the trends – such as lighting, window styles, roofing and so on. Board and batten siding is always in style, whatever the current trend may be. Another good reason to go with natural wood for your siding is that if one day down the road you decide to change the color to keep up with the latest trends, it will be easy. That’s not the case with all siding materials.

Maibec is a well-known name in wood siding.

I recently collaborated with the MAIBEC team on a 3D exterior design project and their commitment to the client’s satisfaction was easy to see. Design extérieur 3D, j'ai pu constater qu'ils avaient vraiment à cœur la satisfaction de leur clientèle.

They offer quick solutions, long-lasting products, may it be genuine wood, engineered siding, veneer stones, trims and accessories, and a service that lives up to their reputation.

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