Our Green Initiatives

Eco-responsibility is at the heart of our commitments. We take concrete action to reduce our ecological footprint.

Sustainable development

Sustainable development is an integral part of Maibec's daily operations. Throughout the various product manufacturing stages, from the raw resources to the final product, Maibec integrates practices characterized by a constant concern for the environment.

Managing forests with sustainability in mind

The chief concern of all forestry engineers is ensuring sustainable forests. As a renewable resource, forests naturally regenerate after trees are harvested. Our forestry resources are managed at all times to enable them to regenerate. If a forest struggles to regrow naturally, we help it by planting trees. Roughly 80% of harvested areas regenerate on their own, while the remaining 20% is helped with replanting efforts.

Using low volatile organic compound paints

Maibec uses water-based paints that meet requirements for volatile organic compound (VOC) content established by Quebec’s Ministry of the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change (MELCC). We also calculate our annual emissions to support efforts to monitor atmospheric emissions.

Regular monitoring of potential environmental risks

We recognize our plant operations' impact on the environment, and we are constantly implementing projects to improve and reduce this impact. For example, some of our production sites require that logs or wood residue be stored that can affect surrounding water quality. We have also regularly monitored parameters of interest for Quebec’s Ministry of Environment for several years.

Repurposing waste

At Maibec, raw materials are used to their full potential. We accomplish this by producing mulch wherein we repurpose cedar bark, a production waste from our shingle sawmills. This and other efforts allow us to make the most of every tree and minimize waste.

Horticultural mulch

Mulch not only embellishes your garden but also limits weed growth and soil drying, helping protect roots from frost. This means less hassle and less work spent pulling weeds and watering the garden.

Cedar mulch is available in Natural, Nevada Brown, Horizon Black and Yucatan Red. Contact us for distributor contact information.
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