Maibec Quality

Beauty is more than skin deep

Maibec Quality

Maibec is a North American leader in integrated building siding systems. Whether it's our genuine wood products, renowned for over 40 years, or engineered products, matching accessories, innovative installation solutions or our recognized expertise in stain application processes, Maibec offers you a complete and complementary line of products built around our superior and proven siding systems.

Our almost infinite customization options, proactive customer service and credible warranties are also a part of the Maibec experience throughout every phase and aspect of your project. For you, this means a rich and timeless design that’s not only in line with architectural trends, but that also contributes to the value of your investment and to your peace of mind.

To bear the Maibec seal of approval, every board must go through a series of critical steps. Throughout this tightly controlled manufacturing process, we combine today’s advanced technology with the recognized know-how of our in-house experts.

Only the best of every tree

When selecting raw materials, our strict process ensures that only wood meeting our high-quality standards is chosen. Every board of Maibec siding is the result of a rigorous selection and manufacturing process meeting strict quality standards. Only the best of every tree goes into our siding, guaranteeing responsible resource use and a superior finished product for you to enjoy.

Optimal drying

Perfected over decades, Maibec's drying technique achieves the right balance to ensure optimal stain adhesion and minimal movement in extreme conditions. Thanks to our extensive know-how and specialized equipment, we can control moisture content throughout the entire thickness of the siding, with very little variation from one board to the next.

Careful selection. Precise cutting

Our leading-edge equipment ensures consistent profiling accuracy board after board. Each and every board is carefully analyzed. Knot structure, wood grain orientation, roughness, and visible resin are assessed by our professionals. Any imperfections that may affect the siding’s performance are carefully controlled.

A perfect blend
of wood and colour

Unique to Maibec. Our stains are developed in close partnership with the best manufacturers according to our factory application process while considering the inherent properties of the wood species we work with. In the factory, our stains are applied in a controlled environment on all six sides and dried in a high-intensity oven to ensure optimum durability. Extreme conditions testing enables us to develop stains that protect against the damaging effects of the sun, inclement weather and the natural environment.

Rigorous quality control based on decades of know-how.

Every tree is unique. This means that every board of siding in your project has unique characteristics. Knowing this, Maibec imposes the strictest quality standards throughout its entire manufacturing process to ensure consistent quality and uniformity — from selecting raw materials to packaging the final product. This careful attention to detail is why we can offer such consistent quality, order after order.
Quality from every angle. Maibec's Eastern white cedar shingles are the industry benchmark for quality. This reputation is the result of our unique know-how and rigorous quality controls at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Only the finest raw materials

From raw material selection to the final product, Maibec manages all activities in producing its exterior siding and lumber products, allowing us to use 100% of each tree’s potential. Every shingle results from a rigorous selection and manufacturing process guided by the strictest quality standards. Only the best of every tree goes into our shingles, ensuring the utmost responsible use of resources as a whole.

Better cuts mean better grades

Maibec shingles are famous for their consistent surface finish and uniform angle cuts. Every Maibec shingle is individually cut and graded according to our strict quality standards. Only equipment maintained at peak performance and operated by experienced specialists can achieve this high precision and consistency essential for picture-perfect installations.

Perfectly squared at 90 degrees

To ensure quick and easy installation, we rely on laser control measurements to guarantee squaring consistency. And only those shingles that form perfect right angles at the base are allowed to bear the Maibec name. As a pioneer in squaring and rebutting, Maibec was the first in North America to offer such consistent quality. That’s why Maibec has been the preferred shingle of installers for decades.

Ideal drying for ideal shingle staining

Our controlled drying process relies on an advanced technique that we have perfected over the decades. Shingles are carefully controlled before and after drying and brought to the ideal moisture content level for optimal stability and stain adherence.

Factory-applied stain

Bar none, the best process in the industry. Every Maibec stain is carefully developed in close partnership with top stain manufacturers according to our own factory application process and the inherent properties of the wood we work with. Extreme condition testing guides us in the development of stains that offer protection against the harmful effects of the sun, inclement weather and the natural environment. To ensure the wood is entirely sealed, stain is applied to all six faces of the shingle in a highly controlled environment. The stained shingles are then dried in a high-intensity kiln to ensure optimal stain adhesion and durability.

Quality control built on 40+ years of experience

"Maibec shingles are manufactured according to compliance controls that combine the industry’s best practices and the know-how of our seasoned specialists. From selecting raw materials to packaging the final product, every step in the process is controlled, from the width and thickness of shingles to their colour and the quality of the stain application. Even the temperature that’s used to dry our shingles is carefully regulated. Quality from every angle, giving you total peace of mind. "
Maibec CanExel is renowned for its High-Density Wood Fibre (HDF). Come rain, snow or blazing sun, our siding is made to withstand it all. To ensure it lives up to Maibec CanExel™ quality standards, we subject our siding to extreme outdoor testing. This includes UV testing and exposure to freezing temperatures and extreme heat. We apply what we learn from our extensive research to continually improve the durability and performance of our products.
Since Stave Lake Cedar began in 1939, we’ve been committed to manufacturing the absolute best quality red cedar roofing and siding products. We are proud members of the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau. In addition to our in-house inspection team, we partner with two independent inspection agencies to ensure our products are always on-grade. There’s always a Stave Lake premium Western red cedar product to fit your budget, but we will never sacrifice quality for lower costs.
The latest addition to the Maibec family, this fastened stone veneer system incorporates nearly 35% recycled content. Manufactured in partnership with Rinox, Maibec Acenta™ combines the strengths and expertise of two construction and renovation industry leaders. The strength of this siding has been certified by several independent entities and offers a 25-year transferable limited warranty.