Siding system specialist

Originally a lumber manufacturer, the family business now focuses on the production and commercialization of exterior siding systems.

Maibec Products | Manufacturer of exterior wood & cedar siding systems

Maibec is a North American leader in integrated building siding systems. Maibec wood siding, CanExel or stone siding and shingles offer complete, innovative and complementary solutions that are always based on proven, superior quality.

Maibec genuine wood siding : Siding

Whether you choose to install it horizontally or vertically, Maibec siding will endow your home with a warm, natural character.

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CanExel™ engineered wood siding

Easy to install, simple to maintain. Its durability is optimized by our proven paint application process.
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Maibec Acenta
Fastened stone veneer

Fastened stone with an innovative fixing system. Made in Canada, easy to install and offered in trendy colours.

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Maibec genuine wood siding: Shingles

Naturally durable, cedar shingles have been a homeowner's favorite for centuries as an exterior siding material.
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