Siding Modern - White Maibec 111

Poisson Blanc Cottage

Location : Laurentian Mountains in Quebec.

Poisson Blanc Cottage is an aesthetically pleasing, high-performance home. Its clean white façade, large windows that invite the outside in, and Maibec siding—for effective protection against the elements—reflect Maibec’s commitment to providing beautiful and durable solutions.

For this bold project, the owners called on the expertise of the ACDF Architecture design team.

Create a minimalist second home that blends seamlessly into its natural surroundings with a clean, all-white design, large panoramic windows, and durable and environmentally friendly materials.

Maibec genuine wood exterior siding (siding Modern – White Maibec 111) was selected for its quality, durability, and fit with the desired aesthetics. The cottage’s white façade was installed with care, for durable protection from the elements without compromising design.

The owners are delighted with Poisson Blanc Cottage, which blends perfectly into its natural setting, providing a peaceful place where they can relax and recharge.

Poisson Blanc Cottage is a prime example of Maibec’s commitment to providing beautiful and durable solutions for contemporary and bold residential projects.