Siding Modern em+ - Off-white 341

Saltbox Passive House

An artful blend of energy efficiency, sustainability, and architectural tradition.

Location : Bromont, Quebec, Canada
Client : Private owner

Nestled in the heart of Quebec, the Saltbox Passive House is a residential project built to the highest standards of energy efficiency and comfort. Inspired by traditional New England “saltbox” architecture, this passive house incorporates innovative technologies and sustainable materials, including Maibec products, to deliver exceptional performance with minimal environmental impact.

For this bold project, the owners enlisted the expertise of the Abri design team.

The goal was to build a comfortable and energy-efficient passive house in keeping with the esthetics of traditional saltbox architecture.
The Saltbox house, which originates from New England, is known for its simple and functional architectural style, typically featuring wooden construction and a central fireplace. It gets its name from its resemblance to an old-fashioned salt box.

The Maibec genuine wood products used, particularly the Modern em+™ siding in Maibec Off-white 341, were selected for their quality, durability, and compatibility with the house’s traditional yet energy-efficient design.

As for performance, the house achieves the highest standards of energy efficiency through the use of high- quality insulating materials and efficient heating and cooling systems. The homeowners are delighted with their passive home, which offers a comfortable and energy-efficient environment in perfect harmony with the nature all around.

The Saltbox Passive House demonstrates Maibec’s commitment to offering esthetic and sustainable solutions for residential construction projects focused on energy efficiency and respect for the environment. It is a living example of how energy efficiency and environmental concerns can go hand in hand in architecture that blends elegance and comfort.