Siding Modern em+ - Seacoast 204

Floreat Pavilion

Location : Charbonneau Park, Rosemère, Quebec, Canada
Client : Town of Rosemère

The Floreat Pavilion, located in beautiful Charbonneau Park, was built as a recreational facilty for the citizens of Rosemère. Open year round, this service pavilion was designed using sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions that incorporate a number of Maibec products.

The project is the work of the design team at BLH Architectes.

The goal was to build an attractive, eco-friendly, functional pavilion that encouraged residents to make use of the site while at the same time ensuring public access to Rivière des Mille Îles.

Maibec Modern em+™ brushed-face real wood siding was the product chosen for the exterior siding. The solid Maibec Seacoast 204 finish lends the structure an elegant and contemporary look.
Maibec products were selected for their appearance, performance, and durability—ideal for meeting the project’s environmental and functional requirements.

In terms of performance, Maibec products ensured that the building met its objectives for sustainability, energy efficiency, and ease of maintenance, while also respecting the site’s environmental constraints.
The Town of Rosemère expressed satisfaction with the quality and performance of Maibec products. In addition, the project was recognized with the 2023 Cecobois Award of Excellence in the “Municipal Commitment” category.

The Floreat Pavilion is a perfect example of how Maibec products can be used for innovative, environmentally friendly projects and illustrates Maibec’s commitment to providing sustainable, aesthetic construction solutions.