5 reasons why Maibec's eco-friendly horticultural mulch is ideal for landscaping

March 19, 2020

At Maibec, we have long been turning our cedar residue into 100% sustainable horticultural mulch. See how mulching can make your garden healthier and more attractive.

Many people think horticultural mulch is simply an easy aesthetic addition to a garden. They’re certainly right. But did you know that using eco-responsible mulch can also make gardening much easier in several ways?

Here are 5 good reasons d’utiliser le paillis pour votre jardin:

  1. It creates a protective cushion from heavy rain, preventing premature soil erosion.
  2. It retains water, slowing down its evaporation and promoting plant growth.
  3. It blocks out sunlight to greatly reduce the growth of harmful and unsightly weeds.
  4. In addition to protecting the soil, mulch absorbs the sun’s heat, creating a thermal buffer to increase the vigor and longevity of your plants.
  5. Mulch reduces leaching and runoff, which in turn can reduce the fertility of your soil. Less moisture runoff means more nutrients remain in your soil.

Sustainable development is an integral part of Maibec's daily concerns.
Learn more on the horticultural mulch section on our website.

Source: Défi Biologique

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