5 reasons to spruce up your siding

August 24, 2022

Spruce is a solid wood found almost everywhere across Canada. This conifer possesses a number of beneficial characteristics that make it a great choice for exterior siding. Find out what they are!

A natural and authentic species
With its coloring and visible knots in the wood, spruce gives a unique texture to your exterior wood siding and adds character and richness.

An ecological siding
Spruce is a hard wood found almost everywhere across Canada. Unlike other types of exterior siding, spruce generates far less greenhouse gas over time. According to lifecycle analysis by third parties, vinyl, fiber cement, brick and steel alone produce 97.9% of all greenhouse gas emissions over a period of 50 years, compared to only 2.1% for spruce.

Shock resistant
The cellular composition of spruce gives it a natural elasticity that makes it more resistant to impacts than other types of siding – whether it’s hailstones or a rock from a lawnmower.

A noble material
Since any wood species is considered a noble material, using this type of wood for siding adds value to your homeMaintained, this siding will protect the home for many years to come.

A durable choice
The durability of spruce makes it a long-lasting choice for exterior wood siding. It can easily be repainted or repaired instead of having to be completely replaced, as is often the case with synthetic materials. It combines beautifully with a variety of other siding materials to create a design that is uniquely yours.

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