Maibec genuine wood - Shingles

Ventilated strips and accessories

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Harmony and performance

Maibec has established itself as a North American leader in integrated building siding systems. Maibec offers a complete and complementary range of products, mastered to perfection and based on our superior and proven siding products, from matching accessories to innovative assembly solutions and stains.

Ventilated Strips

Locks in the first row of siding around the perimeter of a building, making it easier to ensure a level installation.

Makes it easier to ensure horizontal installations of Maibec regular and em+ siding are perfectly level
Eliminates nails on the first course of Maibec em+ siding installations
Optimizes air circulation behind the exterior siding across the entire surface
Allows any water behind the siding to drain away freely
Prevents rodents and certain insects from infiltrating behind the siding

Touch-up accessories

Our bottles are equipped with specially designed nozzle tips for cuts and nails to facilitate the application of touch-up stain to cut or planned surfaces, bare wood, and nail heads.