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Maibec – Siding System Specialist

Originally a lumber manufacturer, our family-run business now focuses on the production and marketing of exterior siding systems.

Maibec genuine wood siding, whether in the form of siding, shingles or trims, embodies our recognized ability to capture the full potential of every tree's natural and intrinsic qualities. Warm and inviting, it reflects your preference for authenticity while also conveying your belief in sustainable quality and environmentally friendly materials, regardless of architectural style.

For over 40 years, Maibec CanexelTM prefinished siding has been renowned for its enduring beauty. Whether it replicates cedar or Dutch lap siding, it always has the gorgeous appearance of authentic wood grain, and it is very durable. Easy to install vertically or horizontally (depending on the model) and simple to maintain. Its strength is optimized with Maibec’s proven paint application process.

Maibec AcentaTM est un système de pierre à visser. Ce produit est idéal pour rehaussser le caractère de votre demeure. L'installation se fait par tout menuisier déjà connaissant des systèmes de revêtement extérieur. Le choix de modèles et de couleurs répond aux différentes trames architecturales proposées par les designers et architectes.

Maibec also offers a selection of horticultural mulch available in various colors to enhance the beauty of your landscape while making gardening more accessible.

Behind every product we develop and manufacture, there is a dedicated team of 760 employees working across three regions in Quebec: Saint-Pamphile, Saint-Theophile and Levis, as well as in Balmoral, New Brunswick, East River, Nova Scotia, and Stoughton, Massachusetts.

Since our foundation more than 70 years ago, Maibec has grown from a North American leader in genuine exterior wood siding to be recognized today as a siding system specialist

Respect as a basis for an enviable reputation

Leadership implies respect. As a major and influential player in the building materials industry for over 40 years, respect is at the heart of our cultural heritage. Respect for materials in their intrinsic qualities, appearance, potential and limitations. Respect for consumers through a constantly improving experience, in terms of the product itself, its complementarity and quality, and in terms of our support of informed decisions. Respect for our partners and their business challenges. Respect for our 760 employees and their unique expertise. Respect for our commitments, which we honor through credible guarantees.

We have built this reputation through passion and responsibility. This is how Maibec has succeeded for decades in maintaining high standards while demonstrating an eco-responsible conscience by using the full potential of the tree in its intrinsic qualities.

Know-how as a catalyst for innovative solutions

Maibec can count on multidisciplinary teams capable of skillfully bringing together all the elements that lead to a complete, high-performance product that responds to current trends and needs. From R&D focused on product performance and aesthetics to in-depth knowledge of materials, from profiling to staining processes, Maibec's know-how is reflected in our concern for quality control, from raw material to final product.

Beyond the product itself, there is the Maibec experience. This know-how is reflected in our approach to each project, which is unique and translates into, for example, an almost infinite array of possibilities for customizing colours, combining materials, and selecting profiles and surface finishes. We are proud of this expertise, which we continuously expand and share without restraint via expert advice and customer service throughout the Maibec experience.

High-performance solutions as the first guarantee

Our comprehensive and integrated offering is distinguished by concrete benefits that result in your peace of mind when it comes to your project. Our products and systems are backed by credible and respected guarantees. We work together with the best partners to ensure reliability and sustainability. Our flexible and complementary range of products and services allows you to create a project tailored to your image and in harmony with all architectural styles.

Our culture and our capacity to innovate, anchored in current needs and nourished by exchanges with industry players, allow us to offer you options that align with your vision of design, quality and durability. A project you will proudly call your own, whose value will be preserved by long-term performance.

Engagement is the backbone of the customer experience

Our culture of commitment is based on accessibility, proactive listening and consultation. For us, these principles are inseparable from our product offerings, as it is through this support that you will draw the full performance potential of our products.

Whether you are an owner, contractor or architect, we are available to assist you at every stage of your project. Online or through our extensive distribution network, you have direct access to information and to our specialists for all aspects of design, planning, installation, maintenance and training. This is how we see engagement: as a crucial part of our customer experience.


Each product goes through a series of critical steps before bearing the Maibec brand seal. At every stage, technology is combined with the recognized know-how of our specialists through rigorous control processes.
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Sustainable development

Sustainable development is an integral part of Maibec's daily operations. Throughout the various product manufacturing stages, from the raw resources to the final product, Maibec integrates practices characterized by a constant concern for the environment.
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