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Solid colors are available at most hardware stores. For our Natural tones or Spice Series siding, you can obtain the refinishing solution from Maibec. Simply go to your siding retailer, which will order the stain from Maibec for you. Please note that you will be required to provide proof of purchase for your Natural tones or Spice Series siding. Refer to this service to locate the nearest retailer to your location: Find a dealer.
Maibec recommends using a 100% acrylic water-based product. You will find in our Staining Guide - Solid colors and in our Staining Guide - Natural Tones several products recommended to refinish your siding.
The right time to refinish siding depends on several factors: its exposure to direct sunlight and the other elements, its colour and its geographical location. To ensure the longevity of your siding, be sure to check it on a regular basis. We strongly recommend that you visually inspect your siding at least once a year to make sure there is no bare wood. We also strongly recommend that you consult our Maintenance Guide our Staining Guide - Solid colors and our Staining Guide - Natural Tones for detailed information before refinishing your siding.

Product Availability

The delivery time is within 4 to 5 weeks for custom orders. As for Maibec Express orders, they are delivered within 5-10 days, depending on the area. Delivery times may be influenced by fluctuations in demand.
You must contact a retailer to get the price of our products. To find the nearest retailer, visit our dealer locator (Find a dealer). When comparing the prices of different products, make sure to consider all costs of proper installation (fasteners, ventilation accessories, etc.) and delivery.
You must buy our products from one of our many partner retailers, as we do not sell our products directly. To find the nearest retailer, visit our Dealer Locator.


Our Installation Guides, contain all the information you need to ensure your siding is properly installed. In doubt about how your siding has been installed, please refer to a certified building expert. Please note that Maibec warranties apply only if installation standards are met. To request an installation guide from a previous year, email us at or call 1 800 363-1930.
Our authorized dealers will be able to advise you. You can find the Installation Guides, our Maintenance Guide our Staining Guide - Solid colors and our Staining Guide - Natural Tones on our website, which you can give to the contractor you decide to work with. Maibec does not have a list of recommended installers or painters, nor does it certify installers or painters.

Product Performance

Splintering is an inherent aspect of solid wood and can sometimes occur. Gently remove the splint and protect the siding by applying touch-up stain to the exposed wood. For more information on how to properly touch-up our siding, see our Touch-up Guide
To claim the warranty for any of our products, please contact our technical service at the following address: Make sure to include a copy of the purchase invoice as proof of purchase, along with a photo of the defective product in your request. If you have any doubts about whether your issue is covered by the warranty, we invite you to check our Warranty section on our website to verify if your situation is eligible for coverage.
Tannin is the natural oil found in cedar that gives it outstanding resistance to fungal decay. It is rare in white cedar to ever see it appear, as it typically remains in the wood. It is a water-soluble substance. However, tannin can appear in rare cases following intense periods of heavy rains and intense sun. Tannin in white cedar will not stain the surface and will usually weather away within 3 to 6 months.
Sap is an inherent aspect of solid wood and seeping can sometimes occurs. Allow the sap to dry and gently remove it so as not to damage the stain. See the Maintenance Guide for all details.
You can find all our current warranties under the Warranty tab on our website. To request a warranty from a previous year, email us at or call 1 800 363-1930.

Color Choice

Since Maibec offers an almost unlimited range of colors, it would be difficult to list homes for all colors. In addition, we respect the privacy of our customers, so we do not give out contact information under any circumstances. Our portfolio, Facebook and Instagram pages and our new viewer Maibec Designer can inspire you in your project.
Maibec does not offer a design service for colour selections. However, you can now visualize our different products and colours with our new visualizer Maibec Designer ! In addition, our portfolio grows day by day to provide you ever more inspiring projects! You can also order a sample to see the how your chosen colour will look in real life. Ordering Maibec samplesis quick, easy and completely free of charge. If you still aren’t sure of your colour choice, a local designer may be of help.
Maibec does not offer a design service for color selections. Sealant is available at most hardware stores.