Top 5 mistakes people make when installing genuine wood siding

November 21, 2019

Discover how to optimize the performance and durability of genuine wood siding by avoiding the 5 common mistakes people make during installation.

MISTAKE #1: Not fastening the siding properly
When installing wood siding, proper fastening is a key element in ensuring the siding performs at its best. Specifically it is important to make sure that the proper fasteners are used, that the proper amount of fasteners are applied, and that all fasteners are positioned in the proper places on the siding and trim based on the profile you have selected.
Par exemple, pour le revêtement em+, vous devez mettre DEUX agrafes centrées sur chaque latte à un angle de 20° avec un espacement minimum de ¾’’ entre les deux agrafes. Il est important que l’agrafe ait une pénétration minimale de 1’’ dans un substrat solide.

MISTAKE #2: Not doing all touch ups
Appliquez la teinture de retouche à tous les endroits de coupe et/ou aux endroits où le bois est exposé, même s’ils ne sont pas visibles une fois le revêtement posé sur le mur. Faites les retouches avant l’installation du revêtement.

MISTAKE #3: Not keeping water away from windows
Flashing should be installed both above and below windows to avoid water or snow from accumulating, which can cause significant damage to your siding.

MISTAKE #4: Not respecting the recommended clearances between siding and adjacent surfaces
Always respect the recommended clearances between the siding and the ground or other adjacent surfaces such as decks, dormer-roofs, stone ledges orother siding materials, etc.

MISTAKE #5: Not ensuring the proper amount of airflow behind the siding
It is critical for the performance of wood siding that you provide an open cavity behind it so that any warm air and moisture can escape and dry out over time. It isn’t enough that the siding is installed over furring strips, it is also critical that those open sections be allowed to breathe and that the air can escape both at the top and the bottom of the wall. Failure to provide this area of airflow and the escape points it needs can cause the siding to fail over time.
Properly installing genuine wood siding will go a long way ensuring it offers good performance and durability. All that’s left now is to protect your siding with regular maintenance.

*Source : Maibec

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