Maibec products have adorned thousands of homes across North America for over 40 years.

They trust us

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and Maibec is here to support you at every stage of your project. Read testimonials from our satisfied customers.

Outstanding Professionalism

Thank you for your outstanding professionalism. I hope that you meet your goals in 2022.
Nicole C.
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Excellent Service

Thank you for returning my call on such short notice and for the excellent service.
Mélanie E.
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Quality of your Response

I am happy that you took the time to give me an explanation. I appreciate your time and the quality of your response.
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Outstanding Service

I got in touch with you through my in-laws who received an outstanding service from you
Nadyne B.
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Quality and Ease

For 50 years I have chosen and used Maibec products for their quality and ease of installation. Simply the best...
Jeff Whipple
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Endless possibilities

What I love about Maibec is the diversity of style and colour options with a tried and true material, making possibilities endless when designing unique projects tailored to our clients' specific tastes, whether a seaside cottage or a modern lake house. The product is durable and beautiful, which is our clients' highest priority. I am happy to have Maibec as a reliable, go-to resource that I know will make our clients love their homes even more.
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Partnership with Maibec

Our sales representative has been an asset, the range and quality of products have been consistent over the years, and the partnership with Maibec has been a blessing.
Mike Hubbard
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