Maibec Does It Again: New Face for Its Exterior Siding Offer

October 26, 2021

Maibec today launched two new exterior siding product lines: Maibec Acenta™, a fastened stone accent system, and VStyle™, a new profile in the Maibec CanExel® line. The new products make a perfect fit with today’s rich and elegant architectural trends. Their easy installation also addresses the lack of skilled labour in traditional masonry.

“Offering consumers and professional customers a wide range of integrated exterior siding systems has always been a priority for us – whether it’s a custom order or an “off-the-shelf” order from our Trends Program, which offers quicker delivery times," said Patrick Labonté, President and CEO of Maibec. “These new products embrace the trend of combining materials, and can be installed by carpenters and self-builders.”

Following its successful integration of the popular CanExel® brand in June 2020, Maibec responded to a direct request from professionals by investing in its East-River, NS facility to develop and launch the all-new Maibec CanExel VStyle profile – whose versatile vertical or horizontal installation is a huge hit with designers. Two new bold colours have also been added to the Maibec CanExel siding line.

Maibec Acenta™, meanwhile, is the result of a strategic partnership between masonry expert, Rinox, and siding specialist, Maibec. This fastened stone accent system is currently available in two models and three colours. It also comes with accessories.

The new products will be available at retailers across Ontario and Quebec in early 2022. Customers and retailers will continue to benefit from the quality support and guarantees that have made Maibec famous for over 70 years.

About Maibec
For contemporary products that match your taste and budget, choose Maibec. Maibec is a familyrun business that develops, manufactures and sells exterior siding systems. For over 70 years, Maibec has stood out for its wide selection of products and colours of exceptional quality. Designers, construction/renovation professionals and consumers everywhere choose Maibec for its knowledgeable technical assistance, quick turnaround times and handy sample and loyalty programs.
Behind every Maibec product is a dedicated team of 760 employees across Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia and Massachusetts. We continue to grow to remain a North American leader in exterior siding systems.

About Rinox
Since its creation in 1997, Rinox Inc. has always invested heavily in R&D to create landscaping, masonry and interior design products that offer both prestige and performance. The company is known for its avant-garde products that always keep pace with the latest trends. Meeting the needs of clients looking for high-end products is our top priority.