Ventilation and drainage solutions

Maibec is always at the forefront of innovation. We work hard to keep up with new construction practices and the latest energy-saving requirements. That’s why we are constantly innovating with new installation products and accessories that improve the performance of our exterior siding products. Our new and expanded line of ventilated strips will help extend the durability of your Maibec siding and help keep it looking its best.

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Maibec’s exclusive design

Our pliable profiles and perforated pattern have been carefully designed to reflect the intrinsic properties of Maibec genuine wood siding, while also preserving its appearance and durability.

Maximum aeration

Maibec ventilated strips ensure the right conditions for preventing the premature ageing of your wood siding. They allow air to circulate freely over the entire height and width of the wall, while also enabling heat and water vapour to escape.

Efficient water drainage

Even when siding is properly installed, strong winds and condensation can cause water to infiltrate behind the boards. Allowing water to evacuate freely down and away from the building’s structure will protect siding from wood decay and warping.

Safe from rodents and insects

In addition to providing adequate air circulation, the 50% open design and Maibec's unique perforation pattern protect your building from the intrusion of rodents and particular pests.

Optimal product performance

Using Maibec ventilated strips is a key factor that helps keep your exterior siding in peak condition. These strips will also ensure you get the most from your Maibec warranty.