Installation systems

Visible or non-visible nails? 

Traditional or interlocking installation? The choice is yours. Either way, our installation systems have been tried, tested and proven in countless homes across North America.

Regular installation system

Proven for decades by experienced installers. Galvanized ring shank nails stained in the same colour ensure a flawless finish, even with visible nails. Compatible with most profiles and widths.

Maibec em+™ installation system

Quick and convenient. Developed by Maibec, our em+ installation system ensures that siding locks perfectly into place. The end-matched tongue and groove joints firmly secure the siding at the top, bottom and ends of every board, producing a flawless look with virtually no visible nails.

Solid vertical interlocking

Chaque planche présente une rainure au bas et une languette au haut qui font toute la longueur de la planche. À l’installation, la languette supérieure sert d’assise à la rainure de la planche supérieure. Ce système innovateur languette-rainure assure ainsi un emboîtement solide planche sur planche, de haut en bas.

Perfectly aligned joints

The ends of our boards also feature complementing profiles that allow siding to interlock horizontally as well. Thanks to these end tongues & grooves, you no longer have to make 45º cuts. Instead, joints can fall anywhere, even between furring strips.

A flawless finish

With Maibec’s innovative em+™ system, nails are virtually invisible— a great choice for streamlined and contemporary designs.

Faster, easier installation

Maibec’s em+™ system means less measuring, less cutting and less waste. It’s the easiest and fastest way to ensure a picture-perfect installation of your siding.