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Maibec gives you access to a universe of siding colours.

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Maibec gives you access to a virtually infinite universe of colours. Whether it's one of our solid colours or our stains that enhance the natural look of the wood, or whether it's your own custom colour, you can count on our famous high-quality stains, factory-applied on all six sides. Pressed for time? Then opt for our Maibec Express Program! More readily available genuine wood siding products offered in a selection of solid colours and natural shades.

Maibec solid colors chart

For siding, shingles, and trims.

Five professionally designed, nature-inspired solid color palettes.
Available in Regular, Grooved and Sanded Western Red Cedar in 1 or 2 coats with primer.​
Also available in Regular and Sanded Alaskan Yellow Cedar in 1 or 2 coats with primer.
Alabaster 338
Citadel Blue 228
Silver Blue 225
Vintage Blue 344
Blue Heron 224
Federal Blue 340
Navy Blue 232
Autumn Fog 347
Iceberg 221
Lighthouse Gray 297
Maibec Granite 217
Gray Seal 222
Bar Harbor Blue 226
Thunder Sky 345
Maibec Seacoast 204
Maibec Ocean Gray 010
Clarissimo 354
Maibec Driftwood 208
Old Port 220
Colonial Blue 234
Gray Flannel 366
Mountain Gray 367
Antique White 368
Porcelaine 315
Pistachio Ice Cream 251
Pine Crush 369
Maibec Mulberry 245
Rattan Palm 370
Silver Cloud 317
Oyster Gray 209
Maibec Beech 211
Maibec Sycamore 003
Maibec Foliage Green 006
Harvest Green 298
Green Tartan 306
Seagull 371
City Street 372
Maibec Pepperwood 013
Fossil 326
Maibec Lamosite 014
Gargoyle 223
Maibec Hematite 016
Hingham Harbor 296
Maibec Beachgrass 262
Maibec Beige 266
Maibec Taupe 009
Maduro Brown 349
Chestnut 362
Cabin Fever 380
Sand Dune 201
Cape Cod Gray 210
Maibec Gray 206
Maibec Timber 015
Dark Leather 301
Umber 356
Chocolate 282
Montauk Sand 255
Saddlery 323
Russet 325
Cocoa 365
Burnt Orange 363
Brick red 364
Country Red 299
Milk Paint 373
Camel Tan 374
Maibec Linen 254
Sand Fossil 375
Seafront Beige 350
Pany Tail 376
Deer 278
Yellow Cottage 253
Linen Tint 377
Honey Gold 265
Butter Cream 361
Maibec Harvest Yellow 005
Baguette 378
Buff 357
Bone White 379
Maibec Sandstone Beige 004
Golden Brown 360
Cedar Bark 275
Tawny Owl 358
Lavaliere 351
Chanterelle 355
Maibec Ultra White 001
Maibec Black 399

Teintes naturelles

For siding and trims.

Vous raffolez des variations dans les nuances du bois véritable? Nos teintes naturelles vous charmeront ! Chaque planche apporte son lot de variations dans les tons de la couleur sélectionnée. La texture et le grain de bois viennent ainsi influencer l’effet de nuance tant recherchée. Vous obtiendrez ainsi un résultat inspiré de la nature. Bénéficiez du procédé et des teintures uniques à Maibec qui optimisent la durabilité et réduisent l’entretien souvent associé aux teintures semi-transparentes traditionnelles. Faites votre choix parmi nos douze teintes naturelles offertes en finis texturé et brossé.
 Montagnes blanches 067
 Sandbanks 068
 Grange acadienne 071
 Île de sable 074
 Prairie Gold 051
 Algonquin Amber 052
 Muskoka Brown 053
 Coastal Charcoal 058
 Ocean Spray Silver 059
 Fundy Bay Brown 061
 Meadow Greige 062
 Sunkissed Beige 063
 Gris Nunavik 069
 Canyon obscur 070
 Colline rocheuse 072
 Brun appalaches 073
 Blanc ungava 075

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Whatever color you choose, you can always count on our famous high-quality stains, factory-applied on all six sides.
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