New products at Maibec!

March 5, 2019

Maibec is pleased to expand its product line and offer an even more comprehensive offering to meet the needs of its customers.

First, an expected return on the market: the Contemporary profile for the genuine wood siding. It will now be possible to order the Contemporary profile in Natural tones, both in textured and brushed-face finish. With its reduced spacing between laps, this profile perfectly meets the growing demand for contemporary architectural frames.

Then, the Eastern white cedar shingle strip undergoes a transformation. In fact, the strip now has new features: a nailing guide line for quick installation, an alignment guide for standard exposure, and installation instructions printed directly on the cardboard holding the 6 shingles together. The shingles are perfectly aligned across each strip, keeping spacing between shingles a minimum of 1/8 ". The strip is available in both Nantucket and Kennebunk grades.

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